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Andy Neil
09/02/05 07:15
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#100457 - Oh well.
Responding to: Sushant D. Mayekar's previous message
There have been numerous threads on graphics, curve-fitting, extrapoation, etc (and loads of links to standard resorces);
There have also been numerous threads on interfacing the 8051 to printers (and loads of links to standard resorces).
etc, etc, etc,...

Sushant D. Mayekar said:
... help me with the C routines not the "C Lib Functions". as I dont have enough space to accomodate the LIB FUNCTIONS in C. I

Without knowing what functions you require, how do you know that Library functions will be too big??

There is nothing about a Library function that inherently makes it any bigger than any other function.
In fact, a well-written, optimised Library function from an expert may well be smaller than your home-brew version.

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