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Mohit Gupta
05/09/06 06:42
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#115851 - code Banking using Silicon Labs C805F124
I am using Silicon labs C8051F124 controller. I am trying the code banking using Keil ver 8.01, as my code has exceeded 64K. I have made 4 banks of 32K each and assigned my files to these banks. I have also made changes to the L51_Bank.a51 and Startup.a51 files accordingly. I am using the LX51 linker. It is specicially mentioned in the example program to use the merge32 option when using code banking. But, the merge32 option in the target window gets automatically disabled in my settings when I choose the LX51 linker in the target settings.

I am still able to generate the hex file for my project but when I see the hex file with a hex file editor, my first 64K is shown as FF where as I have code written on to the common area and the bank 1.

Due to this, when I download the hex file to the controller, my system doesnot respond

Please guide me how to correct this problem.


Mohit Gupta

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