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Andy Neil
08/14/06 01:09
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#122184 - All about PDU format
Responding to: Hendryawan's previous message
As Jez says, the definition of the PDU format (and, in fact all the GSM specs) is available for free download:

The link is also given under 'Links'

The spec you require is 03.40, Technical realization of the Short Message Service (SMS):

Or 23.040:

Unfortunately, this spec is somewhat impenetrable! :-(
Nevertheles, you need to download it and have it for reference.

Of course, there is plenty of information available on the web - I found these two most useful:

Note that the 'Length of SMSC info', 'Type of SMSC address', and 'Service centre number' are not part of the PDU itself.

In particular, note that the 'Length of SMSC info' is the length of the entire SMSC information in bytes including the 'Type of SMSC address' - whereas the 'Address Length' for the phone number within the PDU itself is the number of digits in the phone number, not the number of bytes occupied by the field!

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