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Andy Neil
08/15/06 00:10
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#122248 - No experiment!
Responding to: Hendryawan's previous message
Hendryawan said:
I will made experiment to solve my problem.

You don't need any more experiments!

You already have enough experimental data!

You need to work through your received PDUs, one octet at a time, referring to the tables in the links I provided (see the "two most useful" ones).

The tables describe each octet in sequence in a PDU - you just need to work through them, one octet at a time.

You do realise that an "octet" just means an 8-bit group; ie, a byte?

For example, your 1st PDU:

Start by breaking it into octets:
06 91 26 18 01 00 ...

Then just work through rach octet in turn:

1st octet = 06 = Length of the SMSC information (in this case 6 octets)

2nd octet = 91 = Type-of-address of the SMSC. (91 means international format of the phone number)

So the SMSC info contains 6 octets; the first is the Type-of-address (above),
therefore the next 5 octets contain the remainder of the SMSC info; ie, the SMSC address (SCA) - as digit pairs


Check your results by using the decoder provided.

Once you understand how to do this by hand, then you can code it for your 8051...

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