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Andy Neil
08/15/06 02:18
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#122255 - Getting started
Responding to: Gaurav Gupta's previous message
Gaurav Gupta said:
after reading about ur project.

Please keep the SMS abbreviations - like "ur" - for the phone; when you're typing on a proper keyboard, please use proper words!
(unless, of course, you are actually entering your post using a mobile phone keypad, or have some other disability or restriction that warrants it...)

i wish interface a nokia mobile with 89s51 microcontroller ... please guode me abut how to start.

The first thing you need is to determine the interface to your phone - physical connector, signal levels, protocol, etc.

This information is, unfortunately, not often provided for consumer devices like phones - hence my suggestion that a proper GSM modem would be far better:
I said:
That's the trouble with using a Phone
I think you may well be far better off just getting a proper GSM module ("modem") that is specifically designed, documented, and supported for this use - see:

However, a lot of people have managed to use Nokia phones for this kind of thing, and have described their experiences on their web pages - so get searching with your favourite internet search engine!

Also search this site for previous discussions.

In particular, study the links I provided earlier:

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