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Frieder Ferlemann
09/25/06 02:25
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#124972 - boguous atmel header files, include compiler.h
Responding to: Eric Tramel's previous message
Eric Tramel said:
Also, the microcontroller shipped with a CD that contained a number of different #include header files for different derivatives under different IDEs, one of these being IAR. I went ahead and tried to compile an empty void main() with the included header, but, oh no, 100 errors!

Atmel has been shipping boguous header files for several "non Keil" C compilers for some years now. You're lucky if IAR throws out warnings/errors.
(The header files Atmel ships for SDCC are boguous too but the SFR definitions look like variable definitions to SDCC so you get no warning.)

Maybe we should do some fund-raising so Atmel can afford some free compiler evaluation versions and SDCC ?^)

Should I go through and manually create a new header for the IAR environment using the structure of the generic header and the addresses from the manufacturer's given header as a guide?

If you create header files you can make them portable: you can #include <compiler.h> to allow using your new header file with several compilers.

The file compiler.h at the link below given here aims to provide header file compatibility between SDCC, Keil, Raisonance, IAR, Hi-Tech, Tasking, Crossware:


Note: There also is a header file at89c51snd1c.h within the SDCC distribution but this is not (yet) portable across the above mentioned compilers.

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