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Old thread has been locked -- no new posts accepted in this thread
Andy Neil
10/20/06 02:45
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#126797 - Not here!
Responding to: Jecksons Ben's previous message
I said:
This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the rest of the discussions in this thread.

In fact, it doesn't seem to have anything speifically to do with GSM or SMS.

You should start a new thread on this specific topic.

That still applies - you are butting-in to an unrelated thread.
Don't do it - start a new thread!

Jecksons Ben said:
Sorry for hurry mail posting,cause I'm using internet cafe so the running billing made me rush.

In that case, you need to prepare you post carefully before you go online.

By rushing and making hasty, unclear posts you are just wasting your money!

I'm newbies here???

OK, here are the documents you need to download:

The forum Newbies guide:

The so-called "bible" for the 8051:

Chapter 1 - 80C51 Family Architecture:

Chapter 2 - 80C51 Family Programmerís Guide and Instruction Set:

Chapter 3 - 80C51 Family Hardware Description:

Download these, then study them off-line.

You should also visit your local library and/or book shop to see what reference materials you can find.
(When I started all this, there was no internet, and certainly no internet cafes - it was all down to books & magazines!)

Then you will be in a position to come back and start a worthwhile New Thread with a clear explanation of what you're trying to achieve, what you have done so far, and what specific areas you need help in.

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