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Russell Bull
11/08/06 17:06
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#127618 - Direct Hits
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
If you get a direct hit from lightning, all bets are off. One site in Malaysia had a hole blown in a brick wall! The PC inside did not survive!

However, most damage is caused by close lightning strikes. Becuase of the large electromagnetic pulse, anything conductive acts like a turn in a transformer. Therefore, you need to protect incoming wires with a variety of strategies depending on the signal and the anticipated severity.Sheilded cables with the shield terminated to earth at both ends is a start. Movs, transzorbs,GDTs are also used to protect the circuits themselves. Buildings will normally have a thick copper bar running around the roof then down to ground for lightning protection - you want to tap into this for your lightning earth return. Every earth conductor has to be large for any effect - small conductors are next to useless.

You can do a lot to minimise damage from lightning, but don't expect to completely cure it!

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