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Russ Cooper
11/20/06 17:16
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Phoenix, Az

#128332 - Make a dummy variable ???
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
I haven't tried this, but it seems like one way would be to make a module containing nothing but a single dummy variable. If you then arrange to have that module be the last one linked, a pointer to the dummy variable should point to the spot just beyond used memory.

There may also be a way to get the linker to define a symbol having the value you want. Never having messed with SDCC, however, I can't say for sure.

-- Russ

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                  Yes!      Russ Cooper      11/21/06 06:33      
                  nice...      Jan Waclawek      11/21/06 07:43      
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         NO, no, no      Erik Malund      11/21/06 06:46      
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                  good place to start, bad place to stay      Erik Malund      11/21/06 07:54      
               that's the crux      Erik Malund      11/21/06 07:42      
      Build-time scripts      Russ Cooper      11/21/06 07:42      
   the question of matter      Oleg Sergeev      11/21/06 09:39      
      have as much memory as possible      Jan Waclawek      11/21/06 10:15      
         be sure or not to be?      Oleg Sergeev      11/21/06 11:05      
            easy      Erik Malund      11/21/06 11:13      
               I'd disagree on this one...      Jan Waclawek      11/21/06 11:22      
         well, you have to mix to get that      Erik Malund      11/21/06 11:06      
            Did I miss something?      Russ Cooper      11/21/06 11:13      
               I thought I posted this      Erik Malund      11/21/06 11:30      
                  Thanks      Russ Cooper      11/21/06 13:44      
            Do you think I would ask answerable questions? :-)      Jan Waclawek      11/21/06 11:19      
               The Right Group?      Neil Kurzman      11/21/06 16:40      
         Know no nice solution      Maarten Brock      11/21/06 14:49      
            thanks      Jan Waclawek      11/21/06 16:13      
   Maybe compiler/linker settins help?      Juergen Christoph      11/22/06 02:32      

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