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Jan Waclawek
08/07/07 02:16
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#142853 - I hate this nomenclature
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
I hate the DTE-DCE nomenclature - who on the earth can remember this?

Andy Neil said:
Anything that isn't a DCE (modem) should be a DTE - thus your PC and your 8051 should both be DTEs and, therefore, a so-called Null-modem cable should be needed to connect them.

Andy, while the first line of your assertion is correct, you don't have enough information for your assertion "your 8051 should be a DTE" - how do you know it is not to be a controller of a modem-like equipment?

Besides, regardless of what the standards say, it is much more convenient to have the '51-board with DCE-like connector, so that for quick testing and so, a simple snap-on connectors and a piece of flat cable can be used, or sometimes even the '51-gadget could be connected directly to the PC's COMM connector.

Also, regardless of what the standards say, the RS232 is today more used for anything else than PC-to-modem connection. So, I'd not stick to this scheme too rigidly. For example, the most widespread RS-232-connected equipment without any doubt was (at least in certain period) the serial mouse. Would you call THAT a DTE or a DCE? :-)

Don't get me wrong - it's good to know about the standard, and be aware of the 2 "pinouts" depending on the equipment; but, in this context, I'd not insist on following the standard literally.


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