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Chris Bertrand
02/17/08 18:20
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Rhode Island

#150978 - 11.059Mhz clock to create 1-30 second delay in C?
I'm need to create super long time delays, what is the best method to do this? Typically in asm its a few nest loops, is there a C specifier to have the counters that a hard coded value could create this long time delay. I've done a bit of searching and most if all time funcions are written in ASM, I'd like to see an example in C and the most efficient way of doing it.

Any thoughts or links??

Thanks again

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11.059Mhz clock to create 1-30 second delay in C?      Chris Bertrand      02/17/08 18:20      
   as far as I remember...      Jose Orlando T. Ribeiro      02/17/08 18:34      
      It's worse than that, Jim      Andy Neil      02/18/08 00:21      
   solution?      Russell Bull      02/17/08 23:13      
   Not nested loops!      Andy Neil      02/18/08 00:03      
      I'll check those out tonight after work      Chris Bertrand      02/18/08 05:12      
         delay needs to be centered around 5 seconds or so      Andy Neil      02/18/08 05:38      
            Samuel Clemens said      Erik Malund      02/18/08 09:47      
               Couldn\'t use of a different crystal solve this?      Richard Erlacher      02/18/08 13:03      
                  I wonder      Erik Malund      02/18/08 14:05      

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