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Jan Waclawek
09/04/08 13:05
  09/04/08 13:08

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#157961 - in the job where I work now...
Responding to: Dave Brooks's previous message
... the guys have bought Logicport, too (I don't know the model nr - I am at home now). Nice tool for a fair price. Never used the 32+2 channels, max. 5 or so; on the other hand the I2C and RS232 "decoding" is handy and the software is really easy and comfortable to use. Needs a PC though - and sometimes I would better use a simple logic probe - one day I must stitch together some (it would be a real shame to buy this kind of stuff... ;-) ). I use it alternatively with a Tek scope (the cheaper stuff, which is still excellent). - Each has its + and - (mind I am NOT the hardware guy there).


PS. I have a "zombie" project in the drawer I started with a friend some 3 years ago and never finished: a 32-channel 66MSps very rudimentary logic analyzer. Oh yes, there is a '51 on it - in fact, the original design was to have TWO '51s on it! ;-) Hardware exists and works; as usually, the problem is the software - firmware is so-so, the PC-side is only a sketch...

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