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Jecksons Ben
09/08/08 18:50
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#158101 - Thank you
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Richard Erlacher said:
Jecksons Ben said:
Thanks, Jan

I'm looking that open-source and documentation about miniLA.

Here's in my country..bought electronics parts expensive that outside..meanwhile we only get salaries 2-3US$ a day...Alas.

Other countries followed the tax rules...get cheap prices.
here's bribe costums to past the import and get below tax the mass quantities...
No place for experimenters..

I'm replacing the Xilinx XC with my Cypress CPLD.

How's about AS7C33128PFS32A,Is there similiar IC replacement?

Best Regards

>You may find that the XILINX CPLD is faster than the Cypress >types. Also, you can, perhaps, substitute multiple async cache >SRAMs, extracted from old PC motherboards, or elsewhere, in >parallel for the 32/36-bit wide sync SRAM.

>with the Cypress 37C256 or thereabouts, you may be able to get >close to a 100 MHz sample rate, depending on how many trips your >logic takes through the product term array and switch matrix. >You may find that you can use somewhat slower SRAM with clever >SRAM arrangement. Do consider using alternate phases of the >same clock to drive alternate banks of SRAM, enabled by a >toggling LSB on the ADDRESS bus.

I'll looking that...Great information..
nevermind..even slower..

All of my test instruments from homemade..except Digital multimeter which we all knew can reach by common peoples.

Frequency counter

In the name of third world
Best Regards

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