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Jecksons Ben
09/08/08 19:13
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#158102 - Thank's
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
>In fact, this was the second source for the originally proposed >memory (I don't remember the manufacturer nor part number, sorry);

It was cypress SRAM...

>however, any of it might be hard to get as this sort of memories >(synchronous SRAM) used to be used as processor (L1) cache for the >486 processor. As the L1 cache in PC is on-chip since the era of >Pentiums, there is no demand for these anymore.

>You might be more lucky looking for fast asynchronous SRAMs (they >were used as cache in 386 based boards; but they are still used in >niche applications so they might be easier to find). (This is what >I have used in the (unpublished) pikoLA mentioned above.) You >might also try to find them on old PC motherboards.

Will find that...

>In any case, you will need to recreate quite a lot of that >project yourself - even the replacement of CPLD doesn't sound as >trivial for me...

Think the problem are EMC..the CPLD already attached at the board
so..the connection with harddisk cables.

32 channels..sufficient with our 40 pins PDIP package...

Best Regards

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