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Craig Steiner
11/04/08 23:06
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#159685 - New site
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Per Westermark said:
1) I can't read the top three menu choices, because of the color choice. They have too little grayscale contrast for me to see. When hovering, the contrast is a little bit better, but not much. In IE, I can click and drag to select the text and get the background to invert. That make me able to read the text, but this trick doesn't work in Firefox.

You mean the orange color of Online Store, Consulting Services, and The Book?

2) Would it be possible to get the new layout to keep the memory of read posts, instead of showing everything as new?

Go to the bottom of the page and click "Mark all as New". The new system does keep track of posts read but uses a different system than the old one, so you have to click that to reset it.

3) When I write this message, every single character I press results in the screen display to jump. The width of the text input box widens a bit, resulting in all layout being updated. Then the layout directly returns to the previous. But the flicker is very annoying. This tested with IE7. Doesn't seem to happen with Firefox. I think that it is your Javascript code to remove the Post button when new text is added that results in this problem in IE.

That was reported by a beta tester months ago but then I think it went away and I could never reproduce it. I'm using IE7 in Vista, too (for testing). Do you have any more information at all that could help me track this down? Exact IE version? Operating System version? Anything else that might possibly make a difference?

4) Could you make the menu remember that I'm in the forum, so it is possible to switch between the normal forum and the chat with a single click, instead of first having to click "Message Forum" just to expand the sub-menu?

A good idea. I'll plan on that once critical things have been fixed.

5) Do we now always have to preview our post, even if we don't have any formatting that would be meaningful to preview? At least from the Keil forum, the experience is that people who can't get formatting correct will still not bother to look at the preview. They just click "Preview" and directly continue with the "Post" button. On this forum, there is always the "Edit" in case we do miss a markup. By the way: The preview show on the top, but if this is a long text, I have to scroll past the preview and past this input box to get down to the Post button. It might be an idea to show a post buton either on top of the preview, or directly below the preview, to avoid the scrolling.

The idea of having the edit window below the preview is so that the user has to scroll through the message before posting. Hopefully if he scrolls through it he'll see anything that looks wrong and fix it. If I put the "Submit" button at the top of the preview then that purpose is defeated.

6) When looking at posts in a thread, IE only shows a red cross in white box instead of icon for "good post". In Firefox, there is no indication at all that there is a missing image associated with the post. See last post (03/Nov/08 10:47 am) in thread

Should be fixed now.

7) Is it intentional that reading one post should mark all posts with earlier date above as read? From a couple of quick experiments, this seems to indicate that in a threaded discussion I may walk through one branch of the discussion and at the same time mark another branch as read, i.e. to not miss a post we are forced to read the posts from top to bottom, even if branching may interest me in reading the branches in another order.

This should be the way it used to work as well. I use the flat mode as opposed to thread which makes it "just work." But if you select threaded mode and then read the posts in the "wrong" order then, yes, it makes sense that the rest of them will be marked as "read." The system only keeps track of the last message you read in a given thread so if you read a later message, all earlier messages are assumed to be read. But that's the same way the old system worked, too, so it shouldn't be having differently... is it?

Craig Steiner Webmaster

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         That's correct      Craig Steiner      11/05/08 09:29      
            I can't find      Erik Malund      11/05/08 10:05      
               Top of screen      Craig Steiner      11/05/08 10:15      
   Missing Link      Jon Ledbetter      11/05/08 11:28      
      Update?      Craig Steiner      11/05/08 12:31      
         Noob Guide      Jon Ledbetter      11/05/08 12:57      
   Auto-read own posts      Per Westermark      11/05/08 11:30      
      Agreed      Craig Steiner      11/05/08 12:29      
   Home page      Maarten Brock      11/05/08 12:33      
   Changes this evening      Craig Steiner      11/05/08 21:12      
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            I say so      Jan Waclawek      11/07/08 01:15      
               email address is fine      Maarten Brock      11/07/08 11:45      
   Sticky Click      Michael Karas      11/05/08 23:15      
      one more thing      Erik Malund      11/06/08 06:41      
         Not sure what that means      Craig Steiner      11/06/08 18:31      
            yes      Erik Malund      11/07/08 05:25      
   Highlighting of last contribution?      Kai Klaas      11/06/08 06:46      
      if I understand you correctly      Erik Malund      11/06/08 07:06      
         What would be wrong...      Kai Klaas      11/06/08 07:19      
      Last post in thread list?      Craig Steiner      11/06/08 18:33      
         Yes!      Kai Klaas      11/07/08 03:32      
   Suggestion: Buttons      Andy Neil      11/06/08 13:59      
      "Inser Code" button still confusing - and preview      Andy Neil      12/01/08 01:57      
         Agree to disagree      Per Westermark      12/01/08 04:10      
            On balance      Andy Neil      12/01/08 04:42      
         Preview before post      Craig Steiner      12/02/08 20:06      
            change button text maybe      Maarten Brock      12/03/08 14:56      
   Weird sequence      Maarten Brock      11/06/08 15:43      
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         Exactly      Craig Steiner      11/06/08 19:09      
   Changes 11/06/2008      Craig Steiner      11/06/08 19:15      
      The text box not needed due...      Michael Karas      11/06/08 22:20      
   Thank you for the quick corrections      Per Westermark      11/07/08 04:41      
   Font size is very small even in 1024X768 and 15"      Pathipati Haribabu      11/08/08 09:46      
   Opera - Thread list is centered      Marshall Brown      11/08/08 13:07      
      Centered thread list      Craig Steiner      11/16/08 10:00      
         Yep - works now, thanks for this very nice, EOM      Marshall Brown      11/25/08 22:48      
   background color      Jan Waclawek      11/10/08 02:04      
      Confirm!      Matthias Arndt      11/10/08 02:58      
      Background color fixed      Craig Steiner      11/16/08 10:12      
         Seems to work now!      Matthias Arndt      11/16/08 13:58      
   an old nugget has come back      Erik Malund      11/11/08 09:00      
   New strange "new" markup      Per Westermark      11/11/08 12:27      
      Strange "New" behavior      Bill Johnson      11/11/08 14:11      
         Result of the "new" optimization      Per Westermark      11/11/08 14:48      
      Old thread      Craig Steiner      11/16/08 10:31      
   Please put "Mark all msgs read" link at top        Bill Johnson      11/11/08 14:20      
      Yes, please!      Andy Neil      11/13/08 08:08      
   I can't get in our web site...      Cyrille Ngassam      11/13/08 09:13      
      I have no explanation      Craig Steiner      11/16/08 10:04      
         I fixed the problem      Cyrille Ngassam      11/17/08 04:18      
   congrats      Navin Sajan      11/14/08 20:31      
   New login issue      Michael Karas      11/17/08 20:52      
      Issues with new format      Terry Lingle      11/18/08 09:10      
         Driver issue or web browser?      Per Westermark      11/18/08 09:39      
            could be      Terry Lingle      11/18/08 22:57      
         Mozilla problem I think      Craig Steiner      11/19/08 23:04      
            Netscape      Terry Lingle      11/20/08 19:48      
      Fixed      Craig Steiner      11/19/08 23:01      
         Some updates      Craig Steiner      11/22/08 18:23      
            Problem with new threads      Per Westermark      11/22/08 21:53      
            Thanks!      Kai Klaas      11/24/08 02:51      
   Old thread locking brocken!      Andy Neil      11/27/08 03:00      
      Resolved      Craig Steiner      12/02/08 20:12      
   two issues      Erik Malund      12/02/08 06:53      
      and two more      Erik Malund      12/02/08 06:55      
         Two problems or one?      Craig Steiner      12/02/08 20:17      
            same problem caused by different actions      Erik Malund      12/03/08 06:46      
      And new posts not flagged as new.      Per Westermark      12/02/08 13:22      
      Works here      Craig Steiner      12/02/08 20:15      
         found out something      Erik Malund      12/03/08 06:48      
            click needed      Maarten Brock      12/03/08 14:51      
               no need to do so ....      Erik Malund      12/03/08 15:29      
      details      Erik Malund      10/07/09 07:48      
   I like      John Smith      12/06/08 04:56      
   Oldest Not Working      Michael Karas      12/07/08 07:14      
      Broken before?      Per Westermark      12/07/08 09:14      
   Broken or Removed Feature?      Michael Karas      01/05/09 16:13      
      I think just disabled for now...      Jon Ledbetter      01/06/09 07:46      
         Correct      Craig Steiner      02/01/09 14:09      
            Load tests      Craig Steiner      02/01/09 17:02      
   it SEEMS to me      Erik Malund      01/17/09 05:41      
   Delete or Anonymize?      Grant Beattie      01/27/09 16:43      
      Privacy?      Andy Neil      01/28/09 03:11      
         Yet different      Grant Beattie      01/28/09 08:37      
            Trust      Per Westermark      01/28/09 08:43      
               conversely      Andy Neil      01/29/09 10:32      
                  Deleting accounts      Craig Steiner      02/01/09 13:49      
                     absolutely      Erik Malund      02/01/09 17:53      
                     Sounds good to me.      Grant Beattie      02/02/09 14:53      
   Re: Changes      Ralph Sac      01/30/09 12:58      
   Where do my posts go?      Per Westermark      02/01/09 22:56      
      I see them      Craig Steiner      02/02/09 00:35      
         Is anyone else having problems posting?      Andy Neil      02/02/09 03:47      
            They are there now      Per Westermark      02/02/09 03:58      
               Delays still there      Per Westermark      02/02/09 04:01      
                  Now?      Craig Steiner      02/02/09 07:43      
               Only after a forced refresh      Andy Neil      02/02/09 05:46      
            I've had mixed experience ... I though it was censorship!      Richard Erlacher      11/17/09 12:36      
               Automatic login?      Per Westermark      11/17/09 17:14      
                  the problem has been unwanted automatic logout      Richard Erlacher      11/17/09 20:05      
                     Automatic cookie cleanup?      Per Westermark      11/17/09 21:10      
                        Nope ... I thought of that ...      Richard Erlacher      11/19/09 09:52      
                           Check Box      Jon Ledbetter      11/19/09 11:40      
                              Yes!      Richard Erlacher      11/19/09 17:29      
   a new one      Erik Malund      02/02/09 06:27      
   "my account"      Erik Malund      02/02/09 06:39      
      I just retired from having an actual job      Andy Neil      02/02/09 06:59      
         It was my decision, the timing was not what I wanted      Erik Malund      02/02/09 09:18      
            Let us know where you hang your consulting hat      Grant Beattie      02/02/09 14:54      
               the changes did (eventually) take      Erik Malund      02/03/09 06:26      
   Can't contribute to FAQ      Andy Neil      02/04/09 00:57      
   "bible" link(s)      Andy Neil      02/14/09 03:29      
   Can't delete data from user page ...      Richard Erlacher      02/18/09 19:00      
   To webmaster: Why my postings appear with capital letters ?      KONSTANTINOS L. ANGELIS      02/25/09 09:11      
      You used capital characters when registering?      Per Westermark      02/25/09 16:37      
         capitalization much the same      KONSTANTINOS L. ANGELIS      02/26/09 02:50      
            How did you register?      Per Westermark      02/26/09 03:33      
   trying to add to a FAQ      Erik Malund      03/05/09 13:23      
      See also:      Andy Neil      03/19/09 10:49      
   I just realized a (nominal) omission      Erik Malund      06/11/09 11:04      
   once upon a time ...      Erik Malund      07/02/09 08:10      
      Workaround      Andy Neil      07/02/09 09:36      
         Don't lock until OP returns      Per Westermark      08/20/09 22:09      
   a hint      Erik Malund      08/26/09 06:15      
   suggestion      Siddharth Dad      08/27/09 07:47      
   Meta-wackiness      Grant Beattie      09/01/09 10:01      
      Agreed!      Andy Neil      09/01/09 10:19      
         Bad copy/paste?      Per Westermark      09/01/09 10:48      
   "Off-Topic" Scores      Andy Neil      11/23/09 01:44      
      Website      Kamran Rasul      12/01/09 22:27      
         RE: Auto-email to OP      Andy Neil      01/06/10 04:15      
   ASM-51      Joop Van Veen      12/22/09 09:21      
      do not hijack      Erik Malund      12/22/09 09:25      
   Duplicate Member Names Showing      Michael Karas      03/06/10 04:02      
      Yes, it looks like, but actually...      Kai Klaas      03/07/10 18:39      
   is autoscroll disabled?      Andrew Murton      03/16/10 09:45      
      Works for me      Per Westermark      03/16/10 10:05      
         definitely no autoscroll here      Andrew Murton      03/17/10 12:15      
            autoscrolling now works      Andrew Murton      02/15/12 12:47      
   not a problem for me, information      Erik Malund      03/30/10 08:00      
      "Known" bug?      Andy Neil      03/30/10 08:11      
         Why is not used a popular forum like vBulletin or phpbb?      Sandu Buraga      04/24/10 22:08      
            History?      Andy Neil      04/25/10 00:19      
               Good old days :)      Sandu Buraga      04/25/10 00:43      
                  Is there really a strong enough reason to migrate?      Per Westermark      04/25/10 04:31      
                  I don't think so      Andy Neil      04/26/10 00:28      
                     Files      Per Westermark      04/26/10 01:34      
                     no      Erik Malund      04/26/10 07:22      
                  On switching to phpBB      Andy Neil      04/26/10 01:33      
                     Out of Date Discussion...      Michael Karas      04/26/10 05:58      
                        I think that was my point?      Andy Neil      04/26/10 06:20      
                        This thread makes the point      Erik Malund      04/26/10 07:25      
                           Quite possibly so      Andy Neil      04/26/10 07:47      
                  an example of migrating to a newer forum      Erik Malund      05/01/10 06:50      
            and lose all the good stuff ?      Erik Malund      04/25/10 05:57      
   Suggestion      Kiran V. Sutar      05/18/10 08:50      
      will never work      Erik Malund      05/18/10 10:48      
      Nice idea, but....      Andy Neil      05/18/10 11:32      
         Much work - little (or negative) gain      Per Westermark      05/19/10 04:06      
   one minor issue      Erik Malund      05/24/10 13:31      
   Forward and Backward forum thread reply navigation?      David Good      07/27/10 10:05      
   Why would I get this message?      Richard Erlacher      10/02/10 18:00      
   a non-problematic oddity      Erik Malund      03/11/11 09:13      
      OP Edited      Andy Neil      03/11/11 09:28      
   not od any importance, but ....      Erik Malund      05/02/11 07:06      
   Craig      PATRICK A AVONG      07/13/11 12:40      
      American conservatism in page headers      Per Westermark      01/02/12 02:25      
         Yes - it does seem rather inappropriate      Andy Neil      01/02/12 02:31      

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