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Kai Klaas
11/20/08 06:51
  11/20/08 07:10

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#160152 - Why not using an ADC with a real ...
Responding to: Chaitanya Thummar's previous message
... microcontroller/microprocessor interface?

How do you want to "read" the ICL7135 by the microcontroller? By reading the D1-D5 and B1-B8 pins in free running mode of ICL7135? Then, take care, there's no timing specifications in the datasheet. Nothing about setup and hold times, so you don't really know when to sample the B1-B8 lines. The /strobe line could be used, though. Give it to a free /INT input of your micro and code a little interrupt service routine, which reads the D1-D5 and B1-B8 lines whenever an active /INT line is detected.

Don't forget to read the polarity and overrange pins, too.


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