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Alan Dorman
11/22/08 18:21
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Las Vegas

#160220 - A question about numbering ranges
I have a ezLCD-004 display that I need to write to.

It's X,Y limits are 320 x 234 pixels

Communicating with the display via RS232 and writing code in assembly.

Processor for now is a AT89LP4052 - will have to upgrade eventually to fit all of the code.

If I want to write to the very last X pixel I will need to send a decimal value of 320.


appears to be beyond the HEX value range of 0 to 255 (#00H to #0FFH)

The SBUF would need to send more then a 8 bit value to reach this last pixel.

Does it do this if I load a decimal value of 320 or is there some special trick to send more then
8 bits per SBUF load?

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A question about numbering ranges      Alan Dorman      11/22/08 18:21      
   Read datasheet.      Per Westermark      11/22/08 21:49      
      Got it      Alan Dorman      11/23/08 00:22      
         read carefully the ezLCD-004 data sheet      Joe Gold      11/23/08 10:40      

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