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Raj Nambiar
12/01/08 01:19
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#160445 - stack and preview..
Responding to: Maarten Brock's previous message
"Btw. You did not understand what "...insert code here" means now did you? And you probably didn't look at the preview either, right?"

You ar right. I was a bit confused. When I pressed the button, I was expecing a pop-up window that was going to ask me for the .c or txt file. But then I found the 'insert your code here' line. That made me think that the whole think will be converted to html or the code part might be parsed separately and formatted into an html table or something. Since I didn'y find any html tags that could do it, I assumed that it would be inserted here. And preview button : I am not sure that I saw it. But then it must be my mistake. But then I am worried that, if I do it again, I might make the same mistake!!

Regarding the suggestions, thanks to every one. It is not the watchdog. It is definitely something to do with stack, since I can make the problem disappear by playing with the variables- like moving some to xdata, explicitly declaring variables with location etc.

I am using keil. I can change the start up code. But in startup code, they define stack for reentrant functions only!! I am a bit confused. Why is a regular stack location not initialised? In assembly, we always do it.
How do I know where variables are initialised? Is it there in a map file?
Is it better to explicitly place variables in specific locations, after ceating the map, like the way we do in assembly? We face this issue only in database oriented projects, where there are lot of pointers to strings. How do I know the stack usage of functions? Do functions use stack to pass the values? Like, does printf call use stack to pass the string? That will be lot of pushes and pops. Please guide...


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