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Richard Erlacher
12/06/08 16:34
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Denver, Co

#160680 - That is never the correct answer, though.
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Andy Neil said:
Richard Erlacher said:
His instructor assigned him THIS problem, and not a different one.

Actually, we don't know that.

We don't know whether this part was assigned to him, or whether he chose it himself.
And, if he chose it, whether he had any valid reason(s) for that choice.

If you can't help with what was asked, please remain "silent."

As is so often demonstrated right here, what is asked is very often not the correct question - so answering that question is not always the most helpful thing!

Though he may have chosen a part that you don't like, telling him, offhand, to use something else, is never the correct answer. You can ask why he chose that part. I concluded from the frequency with which this particular part comes up, that this was, once again, that same old homework assignment.

If everyone kept the blinkers on and just stuck religiously to the question as asked, the OP might never even know that alternatives exist!

I'm not convinced that's true. Even if so, telling him to do something else won't solve his problem. He'd need to know why it's better to make a given chance, and not just why one fellow or another prefers it.

Again, this is a discussion forum - not just a free answer shop!

On the other hand, of course, just stating that "X is better" with absoulutely no indication at all of the requirements is not good.

Yes, but an answer to his question is still warranted. That's why probing questions are often preferable to a "canned" solution. There haven't been any such questions ... yet ... and I doubt the O/P will wait around for them. He wants an answer to the problem he has to turn in next week. It's already available with a search here on 8052.COM. All he has to do is read the various posts.


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