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Richard Erlacher
02/03/09 08:56
  02/03/09 09:00

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Denver, Co

#162005 - I was afraid that was the case ...
Responding to: Satish S Munot's previous message
Satish S Munot said:
Dear Sir,

It is not possible to access Motor1 or its related hardware. I am just getting Encoder Pules
and Using these Encoder Pulses. I have to drive Motor2.

The Frequency multiplication factor is either Settable using DIP Switch, which is constant throughout

One way I found is the way is that adjust the Encoder PPR but desired PPR encoder may not be available
on the market and it is not suitable solution.



What I understand from what you say is that
(a) you have no influence over the behavior of Motor1.

(b) You use encoder pulses to provide information about the behavior of Motor1, which information you subsequently use to control Motor2.

(c) You have a DIP switch that enables you to set the number of pulses per revolution that the encoder provides. However, there is a risk that this feature may not be available in the future. This makes you hesitant to attempt to make your work dependent on this feature.

Have I understood your situation correctly?

You haven't indicated what the speed of Motor1 is. It would be helpful if you would answer the questions I posed in my previous post. It is particularly important that you specify the tolerable lag between changes, if there are any, on Motor1 speed and the response of Motor2. It is also important to know how closely Motor2 speed must match the speed ratio that you require.


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