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Richard Erlacher
02/26/09 16:10
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Denver, Co

#162919 - Indeed! But useless for anything else.
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message
I suspect it's because he's using dull tools and perhaps using them entirely too long. The software probably doesn't allow him to hurry the feed rate, else that's a suspect, too. It's not my choice, and, God be thanked, not my worry.

He produces pretty good boards, drills holes down to 5 mils, registers his solder mask to well within 0.1 mm, and gets his multilayer boards to work. Of course, he produces that stuff chemically.

I get my boards from the PRC, and they cost much less than what I have to pay here, and they're right the first time, and electrically tested. The local guys get it right ... eventually ... <sigh> ... but not soon enough, and they can't easily produce the 3-mil tracks on 6-mil centers, and can't register layers or mask any closer than 3 mils, which is what folks claimed 15 years ago.

That's why I wire-wrap the stuff I have to have "today."


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