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Andy Neil
10/01/09 04:55
  10/01/09 04:55

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#169331 - Debugging techniques
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Juergen Christoph said:
Print out the program and go through step by step on the paper with a pencil

Andy Neil said:
It is an excellent suggestion and, as he said, would very quickly answer your question!

A somewhat less laborious approach would be to run the code in a Simulator - there you could single-step it and watch exactly what happens.

If you had a chip with on-chip debug, you could use that to single-step in the real hardware and watch exactly what happens.

These are basic and very powerful debugging techniques - make the most of them!

More tips here:

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            Fix the FAQs?      Andy Neil      10/03/09 01:40      
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