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Kai Klaas
04/03/10 15:05
  04/03/10 15:10

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#174821 - It's a highly dynamical thing...
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Rickey said:
And in something simple like statically showing a number on a 7 seg I don't see why it needs to be reset.

A microcontroller is a thing that is highly dynamically running inside. There's a clock which must start up at power-on and which only works properly after a few milliseconds. Then, there's an auxiliary potential to be generated about twice the supply voltage to allow the flash to be burned. Also, many registers and flip-lops, all the counters, PCAs, watchdog, UARTs are in a random state which must be initialized. In fact, there's nothing more important than a proper reset, one which highly reliably works at power-on, power-off and during supply voltage dips (brown-out conditions).

In conjunction with the AT89S51/52, which you probably intend to use, I usually take a MAX1232, which contains not only a reset circuitry but also a watchdog, like in this example circuit:

and here

Kai Klaas

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