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Erik Malund
05/13/10 14:33
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Mt Airy, Nc

#175865 - of course, you are,
Responding to: ???'s previous message
hi im new to microcontrollers and i was wondering about how parallel programming of on chip flash memory works. I read the datasheets and documentation from philps on their 8051s but still confused.
of course, you are, there is no commonality, basically each and every chip is different in this respect.

I understand many can be programmed using ISP with the boot loader, and some have ICP capability, to program themselves
yes, so it is

but what I was wondering is how do the parallel programmers access the internal flash memory without a boot loader for serial communication.
depends on which parallel programmer you BUY

Basically I want to understand the process of writing code to internal memory.
use ISP/ICP chips or FORGET IT

i realise every chip would have different voltages and timing algorithms, but how would you find this information,
you can't they keep it secret to keep the amateurs out


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