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Andy Neil
05/14/10 00:48
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#175873 - Not exactly fair
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Douglas Brummund said:
I should have guessed the big semiconductor companies wouldn't let us understand their products

Any semiconductor company (big or otherwise) only makes money by selling chips - so it is fundamentally in their interest that potential customers can understand them in order to be able to use them!

But bitter experience has taught them that parallel programming is best left to the experts - a poorly designed high-voltage programmer can easily destroy the chip.

how else could they make $100+ for all their development kits, IDEs and programmers...

They don't make $100 on a dev kit! In fact, most dev kits are actually subsidised
(try getting a design house to quote you for designing & making something equivalent to a dev kit...)

Free IDEs are available, and the paid-for ones are 3rd-party - so the semiconductor manufacturer is not making anything on that (in fact, again, some of them subsidise "special editions" of a commercial IDE).

... so we can use their $2 chips.

As the chips are only $2 (or whatever) you can imagine that they only make money by selling them in huge volumes - so they can't afford the support calls from people who've damaged chips by using dodgy, homebrew programmers...

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