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Stefan Kanev
05/14/10 01:48
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#175874 - too deep
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Hi, Douglas,
You are looking too deep - into electrons level.
Usually people here need to know how to programm chip, electron level details are work for physicians. Some parts do not need higher(than normal run mode) voltage , some need. I remember one story with Atmel - they produced in same time 12V/6V parts simultaneously with 5V part (i mean prgramming mode).
5V part was stoped - i think due to problems with data retention, or suddenly self-destroying. Here i want to point - high voltages can be used only as hardware protection , and here can be nothing related to electrons and gates.
All this depends of manufacturer technology. If You really want to enter into parallel programming mode - write letter to manufacturer and wait answer.

For example - some years ago Winbond(Nuvoton) discontinued one part(with published algorithm) . I needed to migrate to new part - without published algorithm. I asked them 2-3 times , and they sended document (after last letter, where i explained that will migrate to other vendor, instead to buy universall programmer to program one chip only).

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