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Andy Neil
05/18/10 00:13
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#175991 - If only it were that simple...
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Douglas Brummund said:
i wouldn't mind homebrewing a programmer and possibly frying some chips for the sake of learning.

But what, exactly, would you learn?
The frustration of your application not working, and you not knowing whether that's just because of problems with your homebrew programmer, or "real" bugs in your application?!

The trouble is, a dodgy programmer won't just give you either 100% good chips or 100% bad chips - you will get more "subtle" errors where odd bytes are programmed incorrectly, or odd bits are not written properly and don't "hold" properly. You might even destroy some bytes "here and there".

These types of problems can produce very strange and puzzling sympoms and, therefore, can be very hard to debug - even for experienced designers!

I would therefore suggest that you do not rely upon a homebrew programmer - at least, not until you are thoroughly experienced with embedded development in general.
There are already plenty of pitfalls for the novice without adding to them yourself!

After all, if you wanted to learn to drive, you wouldn't first build you own car - would you?!

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