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Marshall Brown
06/30/10 22:46
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New Zealand

#177015 - IAP / Dual applications and interrupts
Hi all; - I am going to cross post this at Silabs as well

I have a Silabs C8051F040 but it could be any device with user accessible writes to flash (hence the reason for posting here)and I have implemented an application code loader based on the Silabs app note AN112, my application uses it as a firmware updater.

My general question is:

How can both the runtime application and the code loader utilise the interrupts?

My Code loader is loaded right at the top of the memory in about 1kByte of Flash. However I would like to use the interrupts for the CAN bus and Serial ports so that the application can select where the new application code is coming from. This is all fine, but when the new application is loaded, is it not going to overwrite the interrupt vectors - which I am using for the code loader - with the new application?

How could I achieve this?

I can receive firmware updates via CAN OR via Serial if I sit in main{} and poll the appropriate port, but this is ugly, and a "while {!RI }" type loop effectively prevents me from checking if anything is coming in on the CAN.

Ideas or thoughts are appreciated.


Marshall Brown

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