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Andy Neil
12/01/10 03:56
  12/01/10 04:05

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#179785 - Cheaper?
Responding to: Per Westermark's previous message
Jecksons Ben said:
Why lot of experimenter moving to ARM? It's that ARM processor lower price that orginal MCS-51 and became standard of product?

Per Westermark said:
No - not cheaper.

That should be: not necessarily cheaper!

Some ARM-based chips (particularly the low-end Cortex-M3/0) are cheaper that some 8051/2 derivatives (particularly the high-end ones);

On the other hand, some 8051/2 derivatives (particularly the low-end ones) will always be cheaper than ARMs.

The same could probably be said of any other 8-bit architecture.

But the particular interest for Hobbyists, I think, is that there are currently some extremely good deals available on ARM kits; eg, this one (STM32) for under US$10:

$10 STM32 DevKit

Note that includes full on-chip debug, and all pins accessible on 0.1" pitch;
You get a Cortex-M3 with 128KB Flash, 8KB RAM;
It can be powered from the USB - so you don't even need a separate power supply!

Why would a Hobbyist bother with anything else?!

As I've said before, this is a (relatively) new market, so the players are fighting hard to establish themselves & their products - it remains to be seen whether these prices are sustainable...

I guess I should clarify here that I am not affiliated to ST in any way, and this is not sponsored or endorsed by them. Other ARM vendors also have very competetive, low-cost devkits available.

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