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Per Westermark
12/01/10 05:27
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#179787 - Depends on how to compare
Responding to: Andy Neil's previous message
Well, the thing is that the cheapest ARM chips are probably not cheaper than the cheapest 8051 chips.

But even very cheap ARM chips often have features that the cheapest 8051 chips does not have. So the optimum ARM chip can very well be cheaper than a corresponding 8051 chip. Especially if you need several UART, or CAN or an USB device or a bit more RAM.

And when using a small ARM, you normally have access to a number of big-brothers that are code compatible (including peripherials) but has one or more of:
- more pins
- more peripherials
- more memory
- faster core
- ...

So there are good growth potential in case a product suddenly ends up moving into a niche you hadn't originally planned. Designing initially for "optimum" can only be done when you can be 100% sure that you know everything. That is easy for a lamp timer. But for a large number of niches, you can't get the required customer feedback until the customers have been allowed to play with prototype units. The customers just can't visualize the product, so they can't describe what they consider important features to make your product stand out. And the developer often have completely different views of the product, so the developers can't switch hat and pretend to be a potential customer. Especially if the product is intended for users who are not too interested in technology, where there are a very big gap between developers and customers in expectations and way to use the product.

Few products needs the optimum bit operation you get from a 8051 processor with its bit instructions. So what the 8051 is very good at is normally not a critical feature.

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