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Jan Waclawek
12/01/10 06:19
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#179795 - shorter, better...
Responding to: Christoph Franck's previous message
Christoph Franck said:
If you know how assembly works in general, then making sense of ARM assembly should be easy.
I need to grab an overview of mnemonics and basics of architecture, though.

Christoph Franck said:
I learned what I know about ARM assembly from the ARM architecture reference manuals and the RealView assembler manual. They're written well enough that any other introductionary material shouldn't be necessary if you're already familiar with other architectures' assembly.

The former is 1000+ pages, the latter is almost 500 pages. Most of it I don't need but how could I know which parts I don't need? Also, the instructions descriptions are unnecessarily lengthy and inflated, while missing a concise introduction (or, if such is present, it is lost in the ballast).

I repeat, I am looking for the brevity and readibility of the Craig Steiner's '51/'52 Tutorials. Don't tell me ARMs are more complicated than '51 - sure they are, yet that does not substantiate unreadable and unnecessarily lengthy material.

I believe a decent introduction to architecture and assembler should be possible to be achieved within some 100 printed pages. A real-world book will surely contain more pages, simply because of the unfortunate habit of technical publishers to publish only books which look well on the bookshelf (and ask the price for page), but there might be one which contains <100 pages of the info I am looking for and then some extras which I might leave for later. If you know of some website, book or whatever in this style, please share your findings.



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