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Jan Waclawek
12/02/10 13:43
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#179827 - none, then?
Responding to: Christoph Franck's previous message
Christoph Franck said:
Did you find the quick reference cards on ARMs website?
I don't remember for sure, but most probably yes. I've seen quite a couple of ARM "reference cards", but I skipped those as I need it more verbose.

Christoph Franck said:
Also, the datasheets of actual chips usually contain information on the architecture (programmers model, etc).
Indeed. The NXP LPC17xx (which I use) User manual does contain an ARM-provided section on architecture as an appendix. It runs some 200 pages long and it does contain a rather lengthy instruction set reference part. It is in the similar hard-to-read diluted copy-paste style as the rest of ARM-originated stuff.

Christoph Franck said:
Err .. no. ARM assembly isn't more complicated than '51 assembly. It's probably even less complicated, since you don't have to deal with almost half a dozen different memory types and the ways of accessing them, etc.
For me, the many gotchas of byte-halfword-word access and the many operand/constant width limitations and the methods for their workaround sounds at least as complicated as the many addressing modes of '51. The conditional execution nor the "embedded" shifts nor the pre-post-increment is not really a problem for me (except for the rather idiotic notation).

So, summing up, there appears to be no ARM material similar in spirit than the Tutorials... Pity.

I'll need to go through the "real manuals" then, and give the things some time to sink in, apparently...

Thanks to all for the discussion.

Jan Waclawek

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