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Steve M. Taylor
07/29/11 15:33
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State College

#183110 - P89V51RD2 - any "gotchas !"
I have some weird issue with what was to be a dead simple port from a legacy 8052 based project to the 89V - after successfully porting several others, from the same compiler.

There is a subroutine, which, as far as I can tell in the hardware, never executes when it should, yet the same subroutine in a test harness works just fine.

I can't FIND any "known issues" with the processor that might be causing my problems though.

Before I rewrite the whole damned thing for another compiler can anyone give me a sanity check ?

I can't find a simulator that's compatible with what my compiler puts out, apart from the crappy one the writer provided - and the writer appears to have closed down.


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P89V51RD2 - any "gotchas !"      Steve M. Taylor      07/29/11 15:33      
   FROM which compiler?      Erik Malund      07/29/11 16:06      
      Pascal      Steve M. Taylor      07/29/11 16:59      
         list file?      Stefan KAnev      07/30/11 00:55      
   are you setting everything for 12 clock mode?      Erik Malund      07/30/11 07:04      
   Change start of CodeMem      Tony Gelonese      08/08/11 01:30      

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