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Per Westermark
08/02/11 08:38
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#183144 - Decide - "i want to" and "provide" are different things
Responding to: ???'s previous message
You seem to have a big problem making up your mind.

i want to make program

so provide the correct program

So can you give one (1) really good reason why someone should spend time supplying you with "the correct program"?

it seems easy but its not as we increment controller displays HEX values so how to display them in decimal

What is the problem. It doesn't matter if it is a PC program printing to the command line or displaying the values in a dialog box, or if it is an embedded application printing to a LCD. The task of handling decimal or hexadecimal is still the same. Your specific source lines obviously controls what numeric base you will present in. My guess is that you are plaing with % and / or maybe with & and >> to extract two nibbles to display. Is that really the only way to get text for output to a display? Isn't sprintf() also a possibility?

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