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Lukas Valecky
08/03/11 06:45
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Jablonec Nad Nisou
Czech Republic

#183174 - Problem with RS232/RS485 converter...
Hello all,

I would like to ask you for your help. I have a system composed of a computer with RS232, RS232/RS485 converter and several RS485 devices which can communicate at 57600bps with each other and with the computer as well. Everything works correctly until I disconnect the converter from the computer (the converter is still powered). It makes the devices unable to communicate among each other and this is the problem. I think it is caused by interference between RXD and TXD in RS232 cable (approx 1m long) which was disconnected on the side of the computer. I found out that signal from a RS485 device converted to RXD signal for PC interferes with TXD in the cable and goes back to the converter. HC4538 takes it as a computerís transmission and set ADM485 to driver function that leads to collision. So I would like to ask you how to avoid this interference. When I put 1k ohm resistor between GND and TXD at the end of the cable it works. But I donít know if it is the right solution. Could you suggest me any other, please? I also tried to shorten the cable to 0.5m and it works as well but it is undesirable. Thank you very much for your opinion.

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Problem with RS232/RS485 converter...      Lukas Valecky      08/03/11 06:45      
   More info please      Per Westermark      08/03/11 07:50      
      probably      Stefan KAnev      08/03/11 12:01      
   more info...      Lukas Valecky      08/04/11 03:47      
      yes,i think      Stefan KAnev      08/04/11 05:24      
         input impedance      Lukas Valecky      08/04/11 08:41      
            i'm wrong      Stefan KAnev      08/04/11 09:07      
               what is the right value?      Lukas Valecky      08/04/11 11:18      
                  did You tryed capacitor?        Stefan KAnev      08/04/11 12:41      
                     thanks...      Lukas Valecky      08/04/11 12:53      
                     it works...!      Lukas Valecky      08/05/11 03:09      
                        congrats      Stefan KAnev      08/05/11 03:20      
                           shape      Lukas Valecky      08/05/11 04:27      
                              dont      Stefan KAnev      08/05/11 04:44      
                                 It is OK.      Lukas Valecky      08/08/11 03:08      
   Hints...      Kai Klaas      08/05/11 12:34      
      schema      Lukas Valecky      08/08/11 02:57      
         Repair...      Kai Klaas      08/09/11 12:06      
            transils...      Lukas Valecky      08/11/11 08:03      
               RS485      Michael Karas      08/11/11 08:59      
                  Sample Schematic      Michael Karas      08/11/11 14:14      
                     Thank you very much for the schema...      Lukas Valecky      08/16/11 06:15      
               AVX varistors...      Kai Klaas      08/12/11 06:31      
                  capacitor      Lukas Valecky      08/16/11 07:00      
                     capacitors...      Kai Klaas      08/16/11 09:18      
                        GNDs      Lukas Valecky      08/17/11 02:21      
                           1992      Kai Klaas      08/18/11 07:08      
                              Thanks...      Lukas Valecky      08/19/11 09:10      
                                 Links...      Kai Klaas      08/19/11 15:21      

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