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08/05/11 09:13
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#183221 - Need help updating 251 based design
I have a design based on an 251 processor in need of an update. My design uses 128K memory map with external 64K used for RAM, and external 32K used for rom. Also external IO is mapped to these ports.

I know this isn't alot to go on, but was hoping to get some ideas thrown my way (something 8051 based perhaps?)

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Need help updating 251 based design      Roger Morella      08/05/11 09:13      
   what do you mean by "update"?        Jan Waclawek      08/05/11 09:48      
   251 project in need of an update      Andy Neil      08/05/11 11:08      
      What language?      Per Westermark      08/05/11 12:20      

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