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Murray R. Van Luyn
08/12/11 01:33
  08/12/11 01:55

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From Down Under.

#183314 - Generating Interrupt Signal.
Greetings fellow members.

I have need to generate a brief, low-going interrupt signal to bring an AT89C51AC2 out of power down mode.

I would like this interrupt signal to be generated whenever the normally ground-level output of another controller goes tristate. This transition occurs about every 24-hours, and lasts for about 5-seconds.

Now, the most logical solution would be to run the 2nd controller's tristate-active output through an inverter, and then use a simple RC circuit to generate the brief, low-going interrupt. Trouble is that I don't think I have the necessary power available to run the inverter, and I'm pretty much out of board space.

Can anyone think of a simple way out of this situation, one that doesn't use a lot of energy whilst the 2nd controller's triggering output is inactive (low)?


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