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08/23/11 07:46
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#183436 - C8051F120 SPI0 and UART1
Hi there,

as new user "hello to all" :)

After some interesting threads with a lot of problem solving (for me) I'm having a challenge with a written C-File for using the UART1 combined with SPI0.

Here is a snippet:

void PORT_Init (void)
   char SFRPAGE_SAVE = SFRPAGE;        // Save Current SFR page

   SFRPAGE = CONFIG_PAGE;              // set SFR page

   XBR0     = 0x00; //all off (default)
   //XBR0      = 0x02; //Activate SPI0
   XBR2     = 0xC4;                    // Enable crossbar and weak pull-up
                                       // Enable UART1
   P0MDOUT   |= 0x35;                    // Set TX1 pin to push-pull
   P1MDOUT   |= 0x40;                    // Set P1.6(LED) to push-pull
   SFRPAGE = SFRPAGE_SAVE;             // Restore SFR page


This one works perfect and I can read out data on COM1 terminal.

If I change XBR0 to 0x02 the terminal-window is only blank.
I checked the EEPROM, it received data via SPI0 but UART1 isn't working anymore.

Could anyone give me a hint why UART1 isn't working with activated SPI0 please?

Background: I want to store ADC data (with max. f_clock) within EEPROM (via SPI0) and read it back (terminal) after measurement.


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