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08/25/11 07:32
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#183484 - Atmel 89C55WD 33MHz
Does anyone know the speed in MIPS of this processor at 33MHZ and how may clock cycles per instruction? The data sheet seems not mention these details.

thanks in advance

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Atmel 89C55WD 33MHz      Warren Raymond      08/25/11 07:32      
   Does anyone know      Andy Neil      08/25/11 08:53      
      Some chip-makers use this to obfuscate rather than clarify      Richard Erlacher      08/25/11 09:16      
      a slightly different opinion      Erik Malund      08/25/11 09:33      
         It varies      Andy Neil      08/25/11 09:42      
            NXP preferences      Per Westermark      08/25/11 10:26      
   it's a 12-clocker      Jan Waclawek      08/25/11 14:10      
   It is a standard 12 clocker      David Prentice      08/25/11 14:20      

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