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Jan Waclawek
08/30/11 15:16
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#183550 - Ramtron Versa... leaving... :-(
Ramtron abandoned the Versa '51 line.

They purchased the Versa line from the Canadian Goal Semiconductor back then. They were already capable singleclockers with a load of interesting features, and Ramtron added a bit of FRAM to them (although only as a data memory).

Apparently, there's more to a successful microcontroller line than just a capable core and a set of features.

Meantime, if somebody wants to have FRAM built into microcontroller, albeit not a '51, but this time capable of running out of the FRAM, look at Fujitsu (Fujitsu's own FMC-8FX 8-bit core) or TI offerings (TI's 16-bit MSP430 core).


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