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Per Westermark
09/12/11 02:28
  09/12/11 02:32

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#183712 - Bit-configurable transceiver chips
What alternatives exists if there is a need to have a 3V3 processor drive 5V signals on a ribbon cable, where the signals must be buffered and reach speeds of up to 5MHz, but it isn't known beforehand which signals are inputs and which are outputs?

Are there any chips similar to 74HCT245 etc, but with each signal having individual configuration of data direction, so the chip starts in tristate or input mode, and then allowing the processor to set up the correct configuration based on what equipment is connected on the ribbon cable?

I kind of think there was a thread about similar buffer chips earlier, but can't seem to locate it.

Edit: Oops - did intend thread for chat board.

Edit: Seems to be this thread - but the Maxim chip was suitable for low-speed signals, since it doesn't allow direct pin access.

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Bit-configurable transceiver chips        Per Westermark      09/12/11 02:28      
   Suggesting....again...      Michael Karas      09/12/11 05:35      
      Alas 5V needed and ribbon cables are a bit "rough"      Per Westermark      09/12/11 06:54      
   Another Suggestion....      Michael Karas      09/12/11 05:59      
   level translator      Jan Waclawek      09/12/11 06:21      
      Alas, "weak output drive" and no input hysterese      Per Westermark      09/12/11 07:30      
      TI sn74gtl2010      Stefan KAnev      09/17/11 02:18      
         or NXP GTL2010,GTL2000      Stefan KAnev      09/19/11 01:24      
            looks promising      Richard Erlacher      09/21/11 22:29      
            NXP GTL20xx -> NVT20xx      Jan Waclawek      10/04/11 00:57      
         Need to read more to understand them      Per Westermark      09/20/11 02:04      
            looks like the cat's miauw      Erik Malund      09/21/11 07:45      
   NXP has ....      Erik Malund      09/12/11 13:28      
      I2C or SPI just can't get even close to the huge bandwidth      Per Westermark      09/12/11 14:01      
         nope, no IC clocks      Erik Malund      09/12/11 14:21      
            extender, not expander      Per Westermark      09/12/11 14:37      
   I have been wondering this myself      Justin Fontes      09/12/11 16:18      
      Supported capacitance seems to be the snag      Per Westermark      09/12/11 17:23      
   Differential SPI      Jez Smith      09/16/11 09:39      
      Serial -> buffers on adapter boards is a potential solution      Per Westermark      09/16/11 14:41      
   Have you considered programmable logic?      Richard Erlacher      09/19/11 14:08      
      I had suggested this as well      Michael Karas      09/19/11 14:33      
         Yes ... I remember that ...      Richard Erlacher      09/19/11 23:43      
            Long life      Per Westermark      09/20/11 01:59      
               They seem to live a long time ...      Richard Erlacher      09/20/11 09:22      
                  Adapters      Per Westermark      09/20/11 10:16      
                     These aren't necessarily so "huge"      Richard Erlacher      09/20/11 19:52      
                        Not huge in size      Per Westermark      09/21/11 01:49      
                           Some of them can handle that.      Richard Erlacher      09/21/11 22:34      
                              Yes and no      Per Westermark      09/22/11 04:53      
                                 There are ways ...      Richard Erlacher      09/22/11 10:55      
                                    Body diodes      Per Westermark      09/22/11 16:39      
                                       serial termination ...      Erik Malund      09/23/11 07:36      
                                          Yes, current- and bandwidth-limiting components used      Per Westermark      09/23/11 08:25      
                                             you youing whippersnappers, pay attention      Erik Malund      09/23/11 11:45      
            pedantry, again      Andy Peters      09/20/11 11:13      
               What would YOU suggest?      Richard Erlacher      09/20/11 19:45      
   Here's a thought ...      Richard Erlacher      10/17/11 03:03      
      Probably      Per Westermark      10/17/11 15:51      
         I'd sugest you consider older CPLD's      Richard Erlacher      10/17/11 19:14      

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