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09/27/11 03:59
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#183884 - ADUC 845 Bootloader
Good morning to everyone:

I have a prototype made on the basis of the evaluation board of micro ADUC845/6/7 in which I have added a driver 485 and an operational amplier in the DAC output. Below is the drawing.

The problem I find that putting the PSEN pin low level (GND) and do the reset, the bootloader does not start. I'm using the original TTL to 232 cable of the evaluation board to communicate with the PC (I take the power for this cable from AVDD and GND.

I have the same configuration (I think) mounted on the evaluation board and everything works fine.

What could be wrong? I would appreciate your help.

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ADUC 845 Bootloader      David Area      09/27/11 03:59      
   TTL to 232 cable?      Oliver Sedlacek      09/27/11 04:10      
      RE:TTL to 232 cable?      David Area      09/27/11 04:36      
         So how do you drive RESET?      Per Westermark      09/27/11 05:03      
            RE: So how do you drive RESET?      David Area      09/27/11 05:12      
               485 removed?      Maarten Brock      09/27/11 05:32      
                  RE:485 removed?      David Area      09/27/11 05:44      
                     yes, remove 485      Maarten Brock      09/27/11 05:49      
                        RE:yes, remove 485      David Area      09/27/11 05:53      
   looks like a "throw together"      Erik Malund      09/27/11 07:01      
   RS485 removed...      David Area      09/27/11 07:42      
      cable still working?      Maarten Brock      09/27/11 07:56      
         RE:cable still working?      David Area      09/27/11 08:02      
   Maybe I've missed something ...      Richard Erlacher      09/27/11 09:13      
      What?      David Area      09/27/11 09:20      
         Sorry ... I hit "send" before I entered my message      Richard Erlacher      09/27/11 09:26      
            No more time today      David Area      09/27/11 09:33      
            well, it seems you did it again      Erik Malund      09/27/11 09:36      
               It doesn't look that way from here ...      Richard Erlacher      09/27/11 09:38      
                  ah an edit      Erik Malund      09/27/11 09:41      
                     Yes ... I noticed a typo and it went from there.      Richard Erlacher      09/27/11 12:58      
   In studying the Data Sheet for this part      Michael Karas      09/27/11 21:59      
   EA needs pull up      Oliver Sedlacek      09/28/11 12:56      

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