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Josť A. Ruiz
10/10/11 11:12
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United Kingdom

#184164 - MCS51 instruction set validation test

I am looking for an instruction set validation test program for the 8051 -- one or more assembly programs that test all the CPU opcodes, flagging unstandard or buggy behavior. Something like Zexall for the Z80, though not necessarily that exhaustive.

I have been unable to find anything like that on Google (wrong search terms, maybe). I have examined a few open source synthesizable 8051 FPGA cores but none had the kind of test suite I'm looking for (I looked at T51 and turbo8051 from OpenCores, and the '51 from Oregano). Neither do the simulators that ship with MAME or SDCC.

There must be something like this out there, perhaps as part of a simulator or FPGA core. What would you use to verify a potentially unreliable implementation of the 8051 instruction set?


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