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10/17/11 16:29
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#184247 - Doors with solenoids + sensors
Hi all,

I've being designing this project myself for a week now for my final year project at college. The whole idea behind project is to control the movement of personnel into a designated area. The concept is to have a door locking canal as follows

doors at either side of a 'canal' that can only be opened one at a time by an operator. (ie one door must remain closed)

When a person enters, the door closes behind them and they must enter their identity code and pin code to gain access to the inner door.
(Vica versa - exiting the 'building', same procedure)

For identity code and pin code a keypad and LCD display used.

Operator has 3 buttons -
1. to reset system
2. to open inner door
3. to open outer door.

Sequence of events is:

1) Door 1 opens
2) Door 2 locks
3) User enters the "canal."
4) Door 1 closes and locks
5) User enters codes.
6) Test the codes
7a) If the codes are valid, unlock and open Door 2
7b) If not valid, door 1 opens and person exits back the way they came.
8) Door 2 closes; Door 1 unlocks.

Also have smoke detector built in to design.

I currently have ckt attached that I want to interface to microcontroller to drive 2 'tubular solenoids' that will allow either door to open. (operator would push button, sends signal to microcontroller and microcontroller outputs a '1' that activates base transistor turning on solenoid for predetermined time for either door.
(Motor in schematic 'represents solenoid')

Problem is will this circuit work? or should I maybe use Mosfets as a switch instead of relay..
Trying to find the relevant solenoid with sensor that activates for lets say 15 secs maybe..

Sensor is important to detect that the doors are closed or open - one door must be closed at all times so microcontroller must know this,


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