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Marshall Brown
10/24/11 13:35
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New Zealand

#184346 - User entered recipes ???
Hi all

I am using a c8051F041 with a 2line LCD and a 16key keypad, I have all the menuing, etc working but am struggling with the concept of user defined recipe entries.

I would like to build a recipe system for my product (a food smoker) it's only for fun, but the concepts are portable.

I have the following outputs on my smoker.

1. Cook Element.
2. Smoke Element.
3. Smoke Pump.
4. Extract Vent
5. Extract Fan

Now the criteria are that I can turn these outputs on and off, over a period of time, BUT the user has to enter all the parameters, primarily because I don't know anything about smooking food (yet)

So for instance, Hot smoked salmon is very quick, but smoking bacon is much longer and a different process. but with the same components.

What I would like to do is allow the user to have control over each of the outputs in the following manner. (lets use the element as an example)

1. On time (this is a duty cycle....)
2. Off Time (this is a duty cycle....)
3. Function Called Prior
4. Function called Post
5. Function called Concurrent

Then for each output, I could save these settings in a struct in flash (with a nice title, total runtime etc) and the user can select and edit their own recipes.

The issue is I don't know what order the functions are being called in, and what should be in each output struct. the above example would have issues

Any thoughts on a generic recipe system....



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