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Marshall Brown
10/27/11 10:21
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New Zealand

#184393 - why change pointer to CODE?
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
Why change the pointer to a type of CODE?
It makes my code bigger (by the sizeof the struct by the looks)

struct strct_running_recipe {
    CODE struct recipe *recipe_in_flash;
    unsigned int recipe_elapsed_time;
    unsigned int rule_elapsed_time[NUM_OF_RULES_PER_RECIPE];    //hold variable for the elapsed time in a rule
    unsigned char rule_holding_var[NUM_OF_RULES_PER_RECIPE];
    unsigned char rule_active[NUM_OF_RULES_PER_RECIPE];


I have broken my file into a seperate header and source now, as it was becoming a bit unwieldly (spelling?)

Also the current_recipe has become global as I need it for testing the recipe_inProgress flag in a minute_tick() elsewhere in my application the file globals.c defines this variable.

Feel free to peruse it. not sure if it got uglier or tidier with all the enums, at the moment there is absolutely no advantage in me using them over a #define as the compiler that I use does not warn on them, it does make it marginally easier to read.



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