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Alex Anselmi
10/29/11 20:11
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#184438 - INPUT/OUTPUT Serial Conversion

I would like to build two 2051 projects with the following specs:

1) Project 1=Read buttons (i.e. 8) and send the reading in serial using one of the remaining bits

2) Project 2=input/read a serial word of 8 bits via one bit and turn 8 LEDs on

How can I accomplish this?


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INPUT/OUTPUT Serial Conversion      Alex Anselmi      10/29/11 20:11      
   Download data sheet.      David Prentice      10/30/11 03:21      
      why the restriction?      Erik Malund      10/30/11 06:10      
   The instruction set is the key      Kai Klaas      10/30/11 05:57      
      the best reference to the instruction set ...      Erik Malund      10/30/11 06:12      
      The Instruction set is *one* key      Andy Neil      10/30/11 09:54      

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