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David Prentice
10/30/11 03:21
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#184442 - Download data sheet.
Responding to: Alex Anselmi's previous message
Alex Anselmi said:

I would like to build two 2051 projects with the following specs:

1) Project 1=Read buttons (i.e. 8) and send the reading in serial using one of the remaining bits

2) Project 2=input/read a serial word of 8 bits via one bit and turn 8 LEDs on

How can I accomplish this?


1. Download AT89S2051 or AT89C2051 data sheet as appropriate.
2. Search for 'Serial'
3. Read and inwardly digest.
4. Search for 'Port' and learn how to read and write to it.
5. Design your project on paper.
6. Code, build and test.
7. Go to the top of your class.
8. If you use the more advanced AT89LP2052 chip, (2) will find other options.
9. There are always several ways to skin a cat. Some are neater and tidier than others.
10. The important point is to document the method that you have chosen.


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