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Per Westermark
10/31/11 16:05
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#184494 - There _may_ be a solution - but maybe not acceptable
Responding to: Konstantinos L. Angelis's previous message
Konstantinos L. Angelis said:
Since all this analysis is made, the solution is just before your eyes.

Sounds like you are still missing that the solution implies a low transfer speed (which may not be compatible with the OP:s needs) or a master that has a significant pause between slave select and data transfer, and a slave that will not do anything else while the slave-select is activated (which may also not be compatible with the OP:s needs).

So no, while there may be a solution to the problem, there may not be a solution available that can be used by the OP.

Only a hw implementation can do high speed and let the processor perform other tasks concurrently. Any program that requires concurrent operation must give up transfer speed, or concurrent operation (and have a master with manual drive of slave select). That is why there can not be any general solution to the SPI slave problem, using any software implementation. There must be compromises made, and not all projects can accept such compromises.

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