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Andy Neil
11/05/11 04:45
  11/05/11 06:14

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#184554 - Duplicate or Generalise
Responding to: ???'s previous message
Alex Volk said:
I saw that example. But it not uses both serial at time.

Assuming the 2 UARTs are the same, Once you know how to use one UART, using another is just a matter of doing the same stuff again!

You have 2 choices:

1. Simply duplicate the code for the 2nd UART;

2. Adapt your code so that it takes some kind of "parameter" to enable it to work with either UART - ie, generalise it.

In your case, as a beginner, where you have only 2 UARTs and a very simple processor (8051), I would recommend that you go for the 1st option.

If you were writing code for, say, a PC to handle a dozen COM ports - then the 2nd option might become more appropriate...

Just have problem to write setup code for 2-nd uart.

What particular problem(s), exactly, do you have?

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